MBA Project Literature Review on Indian Automotive Industry Research and Market Report

According to Research and Market report (2010), Indian automobile industry has a bright history and the first car in India came into the roads in the year 1898 and liberalization and globalization policies has shown major impact on Indian auto industry which lead to drastic changes in automobile industry of India.

According to this article, automobile industry is playing vital role in economical sector and employment sector, which is offering wide range of employment opportunities to the individuals. Competition is the major problem in automobile industry and especially Indian auto industry is facing tough competition with global companies in global markets and local markets.

India is a place with different communities of people with wide range of cultures and preferences. While comparing Indian auto industry with global auto industry India still needs to make many developments in order to compete themselves with major global competitors.

Future work should be performed in order to specify the comparison of Indian auto market with global auto market.

This article consists of significant information on competitive challenges faced by Indian auto industry which is the important aspect related to problem statement of research process and for this reason this article is used for research process. 

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