Brand Positioning MBA Report

Brand positioning also plays a vital role across the marketing strategies and when this strategy is applied to the private academic institutions it will fetch ample enrolments and in this context when the marketing managers were interviewed the key findings are given in this section.

When one of the marketing head was asked regarding this, he replied that, “Positioning is done mainly to meet the core competition and we project ourselves with the quality of education we provide and also we meet the students from different colleges across the various occasions and students from our institution will enhance the positioning across such events”.

From this statement it is clear that positioning the brand image of the institutes mainly depends on their current students when they go across various national level events and the corresponding success stories will enhance the required value.  Positioning marketing plays a vital role across education business and the main factors that are useful in this context are the corresponding students and their active involvement at different national level occasions.

When the same question was asked to another market manager he replied that, “We use position marketing to improve the number of enrollments as positioning is done at the counseling level and also at different educational fares level as well”. It is clear from this statement positioning always improves the enrolments as they will focus on this at the counseling level where they can distribute the required broachers and prospects and attract the students using this positioning marketing.

Thus from the overall analysis it is clear that positioning the brand of private academic institutes will fetch the required enrolments and improve the overall business value to the academic institutes.  Market mix also plays an important role across education marketing the combination of Product, Place, Price and Promotion across the private academic institutions and when the marketing managers were asked regarding the role of 4P’s one of the marketing managers replied that, “We always implement the product, place and promotion successfully regarding across education marketing, where the price is not in our hands which is taken by the council level and thus price has no impact on the marketing”.

From this statement is clear that, among the 4P’s, price has no impact on the marketing strategy across engineering studies as the price is decided by the higher authorities and regarding the product, place and promotion most of the collages are following similar strategies as discussed earlier. When the same question was asked to another marketing manager he replied that, “Promotion and Product need more marketing strategies when compared to price and place as distribution of the product and deciding up on the price is not possible across education marketing”.

From this statement it is clear that, distribution of the product across education marketing is limited in India and also deciding upon the price is not possible. Thus from this overall analysis it is clear that if the private academic institutions can maintain excellent product quality and also opt the latest promotional and marketing strategies, they can gain more enrolments and when it comes to the case of price and place these two aspects are out of scope of the institutions in India. 

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