MBA Project Report On Marketing Segmentation And Positioning

When the marketing managers were asked regarding the best marketing strategy among the segmentation and positioning, one of the marketing head replied that, “As per my opinion segmentation is the best market strategy as it is easy to concentrate on a particular group students and providing their requirements”.

From this statement it is clear that market segmentation is done as per the customer or students preferences across the private academic institutions and in this context it is the most preferred strategy by most of the institutions in India. When the same question was asked to one of the marketing head, “Market segmentation is easy all the time when compare to any other strategy and it fetches more enrolments”.

It can be understood from this statement that, if the market segmentation is done in a well defined manner across academic institutions in India and if they can attract a particular group of students against their interests in different aspects it will gain them more enrolments on a whole.

Findings from interview with Administrative Officers 

Administrative officers from both the collages are interviewed to understand the impact of the marketing strategies on the overall enrolments and the key administrative process and the key findings are as given in this section.

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