MBA Study on Brand Image of Indian Education System

As per the findings it is clear that, traditional marketing approaches are still in place across the private academic institution in India and the most common among them are advertisements across local news papers and national news papers and also distributing the brochures to the students at different collages and counseling centers.

When it comes to the case of direct and indirect marketing, most of the private academic institutions can’t reach the students directly and thus they always prefer the indirect marketing strategies and thus in this context indirect marketing has the significant to play across the education marketing and most of the private educational institutes get a chance to promote themselves at the counseling centers and they guide the students in different aspects and gain the required admissions and also regarding the promotional activities most of the private academic institutions in India make their students to participate at different nation level competitions and promote themselves among different collages against their participation at the events.

Segmenting the market across education business should target special students who are interested towards in special areas like different courses and other activities like technical presentations and market segmentation is implemented by most of the private academic institutions in India and they feel like dividing the courses and conducting some external events tries to segment the market and attract a special group of students.

When the academic institutions can implement the segmentation marketing strategies they can gain more admissions and also attract a particular group of students against their level of courses being implemented and also attract the students who are really interested in technology related subjects and main aspect they considered while segmenting the market across the education business is that they concentrate more on the student preferences and also gain their preferences like research and development into the required enrollments.

Positioning the brand image of the institutes mainly depends on their current students when they go across various national level events and the corresponding success stories will enhance the required value.  Positioning marketing plays a vital role across education business and the main factors that are useful in this context are the corresponding students and their active involvement at different national level occasions. Among the 4P’s, price has no impact on the marketing strategy across engineering studies as the price is decided by the higher authorities and regarding the product, place and promotion most of the collages and distribution of the product across education marketing is limited in India and also deciding upon the price is not possible.

Product and place also plays as the differentiation factors in terms of the marketing strategies and if the academic institutions can distribute the products at different levels they can gain more competitive advantages and also they can focus more on the promotional strategies. Positioning and segmentation also plays an important role in gaining more enrolments and thus if these marketing strategies are applied at the education level they can retain more students and the key among them is the word of mouth publicity which comes under promotional marketing strategy.

There are many students who are keen about the practical and research areas and in this context most of the academic institutions are concentrating on this particular segment and they are successful in fetching up the required enrolments. Segmentation plays a very important role across the enrolments and the institutions should only focus on the capabilities of the market segment and then implement the corresponding strategy to gain the enrolments and the best example for this is that focusing on the internet marketing strategies is really useless for attracting the rural students.


Based on the conclusion from the work done there are few recommendations and they are as listed below 

  • Indian private academic institutions can adopt more latest marketing strategies to attract the urban students and create a separate market segment across educational marketing
  • Position marketing not adopted to the desired levels in India and in future they can concentrate more on this aspect using the latest promotional strategies
  • Among the market mix, price has no role to play in India and if it is redefined they can gain more market place. 

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