Post-modern tourists MBA Study

After the demographic tourism improvement, the travelers belong to the different regions. They will find various beautiful locations for improving the tourism performance. For that the tourism department will have to spend some amount. So in each and every place tourism department will maintain their persons for identifying the beautiful destination regions. So in this way, the tourism department had gain the starting position in hiring no of persons. Here the first researcher called Cohen suggests the tourism classifications in employment. These classifications will be done according to the regions.

Mindful travelers 

One function of the travelers is that interest in tours. This is the significant and important feature of the tourism industry. The industry will catch this point and perform according to this feature. According to the researcher, Moscardo the employees or the people must be mindful when they are at various situations such as influence and control various operations of the tourism development. This researcher proposed the set of identifiers that interpret the mindfulness of the people or employees. Those indicators are as follows. 

  • Increment in much attention of the tourist
  • Maximum interest in tourism 

What tourists Do 

The tourists will come for enjoying by seeing the heritage and visiting the beautiful locations in a particular country. Some tourist’s desire is to take a picture of the location. Then this point would be considered by camera companies in order to advertise their products in a particular country. The mindset of a tourist will be easily captured by the various industries in a particular country. Mainly this feature will help the economy of the tourism industry. A photographic record will provide the witnesses regarding the tourist mindsets.

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