Sampling Method of MBA Study


The MBA study will use the probability sampling because the use of results for such method will not be of limited value. In probability sampling method each member of the population has non-zero probability of being selected. The specific sampling technique that will be used is the random sampling. .  These questionnaires are given to the respondents in order to pick option for each and every question which makes them thinking about their behaviour of consuming a product or service in tourism in India.

In this research researcher has taken several age group respondents in order to make a calculation on how each age group has different behaviours in consuming products in tourism. The sample size will be around 150 participants. The participants are the visitors and arrive to Heathrow Airport London, London Bridge, oxford circus, and Westminster. This places of interest researcher carried questionnaires in to field and it helped researcher to gather data for questionnaire. Researcher carried 450 questionnaires to conduct research but after deducting some questionnaires with multiple answers for the questionnaire and some partially filled questionnaires has been deducted. Totally researcher has gathered only 150 questionnaires properly

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