Indian Automobile Industry Analysis MBA Presentation

According to the views of (RNCOS-2006) Indian automobile industry is an open market for many companies. This article explains the production, sales and export growth of Indian automobile industry and specified the information on opportunities offered by Indian automobile Industry to foreign car companies. The porter’s five forces of Indian automobile industry are illustrated, that gives a clear idea on current status of automobile industry of India. Automobile industry is the most competitive industry in the World, in which many changes and sudden circumstances takes place in the market. Information on these changes that happens in automobile market of India is described.

This article explained the information on role players of automobile industry. Significant information on car marketing strategies in order to improve sales of cars is included in this article. The future work development is required to this article in order to get information on detailed analysis of automobile industry of India.

 This article is related to automobile industry of India and information on Indian automobile industry which is related to actual research topic and for this reason this article information is used in the research process.

After reviewing this article, researcher concludes that there are different types of automobile role players in Indian automobile industry and it is playing vital role in the economical standard of the country. 

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