MBA Internship Report of Marketing Research in Current Education System

Current education system in India also plays an important role in segmenting and positioning the market and in this context when one of the admin was asked regarding this, he replied that “Current education system is slowly changing in India and most of the students are attracted towards practical subjects and research areas and thus we concentrate on this particular segment”.

From this statement it is clear that there are many students who are keen about the practical and research areas and in this context most of the academic institutions are concentrating on this particular segment and they are successful in fetching up the required enrolments. When the same question was asked to one of the admin he replied that, “Education system in India has no greater improvements from last few decades and in this doesn’t affect the existing marketing strategies”. From this statement it is clear that there is no clear opinion for most of the private academic institutes regarding the current education system and its impact on the marketing strategies and thus positioning has become the crucial aspect across education marketing in India.

Conclusion and Recommendations

Higher education marketing has taken lot of forms these days and in this context there is lot of research done towards this and most of the researches has concluded that marketing strategies across Higher education are ever changing based on the changing attitude of the students. In general there are many marketing strategies across implementation and these strategies vary with the country and this is due to the fact that each and every country will implement the respective marketing strategies based on the current education system across the country.

The most common marketing strategies like segmentation marketing and positioning marketing has a significant role across the education marketing and in this context there are many aspects to be considered to convert these strategies in to the student enrolments. In this research two Indian academic institutions are considered and their marketing strategies are analyzed in different aspects like the traditional and latest marketing strategies they are implementing. As the research sample size is less for this research, a qualitative research methodology is adopted and the key respondents involved in this research are marketing heads and the administrative officers from the Engineering collages.

A simple case study approach is adopted in this research and to proceed with the research two Engineering collages from India like ANURAG Science and Technology center and SHAADAN Engineering collage are considered as the case study and the key respondents as mentioned in the above section are interviewed to gather the primary source of information. Key findings from the interview process are gathered and based on the findings the required analysis is done to understand the role of market segmentation and market positioning against the student enrolments across Indian private academic institutions.

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