Cross Cultural Travelers MBA Study

Here the tourism industry is increasing the globalization experience. Here there are various differences in describing the tourist behavior. A tourist will consider various barriers in order to visit the beautiful location. If a tourist crosses the borders, then it also crosses the limitations that are provided by the tourism development. Tourist will also bring some expectations and preceptors in order to improve the effective tourism development operations. Here a tourist will not gain a universal experience. Most of tourists are attracted by the operations of the tourism department. In each and every region, the department will perform some development activities in order to attract the tourists. 

The interpretation for cross cultural travelers will be discussed as below. The following are the set of common perceptions towards the cross cultural travelers. 

  • Patterns of recreation
  • Travel behavior
  • Vacation preferences
  • Awareness of attractions and visitation
  • Destination images
  • Data in tour packages
  • Tourist preferences
  • Motivational rules

View Full Project Report of Role of government in developing Indian Tourism.

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