MS Dissertation Topics & Ideas

MBA Dissertation Topics & Ideas:

  1. Motivation through job flexibility to hospitality and tourism staff
  2. Investigation and critical analysis of business through tourism industry of Rural areas ofIndia
  3. Cross culture issues and corresponding solutions in hospitality and tourism industry
  4. Training and development requirements for better staffing in hospitality and tourism industry
  5. How to motivate employees working in hospitality and tourism industry by perfect reward system
  6. Seasonality in UK Tourism industry and how to retain maximum profits during un-seasons
  7. Marketing a non-tangible product like service in Hospitality and tourism industry
  8. Customer satisfaction against fresh staff services in Hospitality and Tourism industry

MS Dissertation Topics & Ideas on MANET:

  1. Performance Analysis of AODV under Black Hole Attack through Use of OPNET Simulator
  2. Comparison of Proactive and reactive routing protocols with respect to security
  3. Investigation of MANET security issues
  4. Evaluations of Secure MANET Routing Protocols. in Malicious Environments
  5. Security in cloud computing using OPNET
  6. Secure routing in wireless sensor networks and improving the efficiency
  7. Application level performance across MANETs against proactive and reactive routing protocols using OPNET modeler
  8. Performance of LAN against different load conditions using OPNET
  9. Implementation of WIMAX physical layer security using OPNET modeler
  10. Impact of implementing VPN to secure wireless LAN
  11. Testing network security using OPNET
  12. Security in packet switched land mobile radio backbone networks
  13. A frequency based approach to intrusion detection
  14. Implementation of wireless LAN security using OPNET
  15. Improving network performance, security and robustness in hybrid wireless networks
  16. Performance and security in Mobile ad hoc networks using OPNET modeler simulation
  17. Packet forwarding against reliability and cooperation across AODV routing protocol
  18. Comparison of different mobility models in MANET: A performance evaluation study
  19. Impact of cooperation among the mobiles on wireless sensor network performance
  20. Simulation of wormhole attack on MANETs
  21. Energy and power optimization techniques for wireless sensor networks
  22. Quality of service and security measures for wireless sensor networks
  23. Power aware routing and analysis for wireless sensor networks
  24. Application level analysis on packet loss across MANETs
  25. Improving the quality of service for video and voice applications in mobile ad hoc networks
  26. Energy efficient MAC protocol for wireless sensor networks
  27. Analysis of DoS attacks on wireless sensor networks
  28. On demand ad hoc routing and energy consumption in wireless ad hoc networks
  29. Impact of different traffic models on wireless ad hoc networks
  30. Mobility enhances the capacity of mobile ad hoc networks
  31. Quality of service in Wireless LANS using OPNET modeler
  32. Simulation and Performance analysis of MANET routing protocols
  33. Comparative study of CBR and TCP performance of MANET routing protocols
  34. A comparison of TCP performance over three routing protocols of MANET
  35. Performance evaluation of MANET routing protocols
  36. TCP performance evaluation in MANETs
  37. Design of cloud network with wireless nodes

MS Dissertation Topics on RFID

  1. Next generation RFID-based medical service management system architecture in wireless sensor network
  2. A mobile health monitoring system using RFID ring-type pulse sensor
  3. Ubiquitous RFID healthcare systems analysis on PhysioNet grid portal services using Petri nets
  4. Security enhancement of the authentication protocol for RFID systems
  5. Privacy and security control architecture for ubiquitous RFID healthcare system in wireless sensor networks
  6. Identification and patient’s vital signs monitoring solution based on rfid and wireless technologies
  7. Security authentication for U-health application services
  8. The use of radio frequency identification to track samples in bio- Repositories
  9. A mediation framework for the implementation of context-aware access control in pervasive grid-based healthcare systems
  10. RFID based manufacturing monitoring and analysis system
  11. RFID based health and safety system
  12. Shopping path analysis and transaction mining based on RFID technology
  13. Path finder for disabled using RFID system
  14. Performance evaluation of operational parameters on RFID controlled conveyer system
  15. Intelligent traffic violation tracking system using RFID technology
  16. Human tracking and management system using RFID

Other MS Dissertation Ideas:

  1. Reverse data hiding Based on histogram modification of pixel differences
  2. Ensemble methods of face recognition based on bit plane decomposition
  3. Preamble based SNR estimation in frequency selective channels for wireless OFDM systems
  4. Effective fuzzy clustering Algorithm for abnormal MR Image segmentation
  5. Multi user detection in CDMA systems using PDA algorithm under AWGN
  6. Adaptive fuzzy filtering for artifact reduction in composed images and video Image retrieval using both color and texture features
  7. A Wavelet based Statistical Method for De-Noising of Ocular Artifacts in EEG Signals
  8. Blind self-authentication of images for robust watermarking using integer wavelet transform
  9. Development of a Novel Voice Verification System using Wavelets
  10. Wavelet based palm print authentication system
  11. A Visual Information Encryption Scheme Based on Visual Cryptography and D-H Key Agreement Scheme
  12. Acoustic Echo cancellation Algorithm Tolerable for double talk 
  13. Image blur reduction for cell cameras via adaptive tonal correction 
  14. Expansion Embedding Techniques for Reversible Watermarking

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