The Questionnaire Design of MBA Study

There are nine steps involved in the development of a questionnaire:

1. Decision on required information.
2. Defining the target respondents.
3. Method of reaching targeted customer.
4. Decide on question comfortable.
5. Develop the question wording.
6. Keeping meaningful format and order in questions.
7. Considering questionnaire length.
8. Pre-test the questionnaire.
9. Final survey form development.                                                            

Researcher designed questionnaire in two parts one part completely deals with demographic data like age, name, status, and sex etc. the second part deals with survey in order to find out the factors that are considered as important when taking the decision to travel to India. The objective of this research is to decide the aspects affecting the reason for choosing India as tourist’s destination, while choosing destinations and products of tourism. The prearranged replies would, consequently, mirror possible features, which can affect the participant’s buyer manners. A planned feedback form would as well offer the advantage of cut down examination of the information. The theme being studied would as well be unconcealed, as the participant’s insight of definite matters would be requested openly. (Gilbert & Churchil, 2004).

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