MBA Project Report on Satisfaction of Employees

MBA Project on Satisfaction of Employees Overview:

The relationship between man and work has always attracted the attention of philosophers, scientists and novelists. The nature and significance of work should be important as an area of study, as it occupies much of a man’s life span. 

By working on a job, most men gratify many of their needs. Work in this regard, is a potent source of need gratification of all types such as physical, security, social and ego needs. Employees’ Satisfaction is primarily based upon the satisfaction of needs. The stronger the need, the more closely will be the employee satisfaction depend on its gratification. 

Satisfaction is a powerful motivator of human behavior. It is imperative that administrators understand satisfaction vs. dissatisfaction. The benefits of employee satisfaction are often realized immediately and results can be staggering.

  • Improved Instruction.
  • Enhanced Teamwork
  • Decreased Turnover /Improved Retention
  • Increased Productivity
  • Better Communication 

The term employees’ satisfaction covers the satisfaction derived from being engaged in work or in any pursuit of a higher order. It is essentially related to human needs and their fulfillment through work. It is generated by the individual’s perception of how well his employer satisfies his various needs. 

Organizations today focus much attention in measuring and improving their workers attitude, but this was not the case always. In the scientific management era, the employees were considered to be just another machine. There was no interest in employee satisfaction. After all, a machine does not have any attitudes or feelings. 

Soon efforts were undertaken to measure attitudes and to train supervisors to be sensitive to employee’s feelings. It was thought if the job satisfaction and morale could be improved, job performance would improve as well. 

Measurement of employees’ attitude can also be used to benefit employees. Some organizations consider attitude survey as a form of upward communication and a chance for their employees to express their feelings about positive and negative aspects of the workplace. Such attitude surveys are only beneficial if the communication channels operate in both directions. 

Periodic attitude surveys can be of immense practical importance to both the employers and the employees providing both an ongoing analysis of employees, participation in shaping the organization policies and practices.

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