Customer Perception Project Report

Customer Perception MBA Project Overview:

 The respondents are of HYUNDAI and they came know about the service from hoardings, print media, primarily and through electronic media and road shows secondarily. The respondents are using HYUNDAI since 1 year and below 1 year in most of the cases. The service provided by HYUNDAI is used by majority of the respondents and the reason for choosing it is the quality of the service, followed by brand image. 

Customer Perception of the respondents towards HYUNDAI is high; however a significant number of the respondents are dissatisfied with its services.

In purchasing HYUNDAI   products family appear to be the prime motivators of the respondents in making their purchase decisions, due to the special offers being targeted by the company at this segment.

The respondents are paying their bills at the company show rooms, and these are also on delivery time.

The respondents are desirous of having online bill payment service for convenience as its saves their time, money and effort. The instruments being providing with billing service are being well received by the respondents.


  • Parking facilities should be enhanced in order to satisfy customers. 
  • Management personnel should maintain gracious relation with the customers. 
  • Knowledge of the employees should be improved in order to answer the customer’s troubles. 
  • The layout of the Show room should be enhanced in order to move customers around the Show room. 
  • Improve modern looking equipment and features in showroom. 
  • Give training to employees on how to convince the customer. 

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