Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver

Introduction to Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver Project:

In this paper we demonstrate a new revolutionary concept in the field of fiber optic communication systems, with the implementation o lasers in the field of optical communication had created new dimensions in the advancement of virtual communication, in conventional radio frequency communication systems we find limitations like high interference with less secrecy, and with less data rate transfer.

In this wireless communication era in order to communicate with others at low cost with high accuracy, lasers based communication is the only answer, here laser torch is used as the carrier for the signals, this signals are transmitted by means of  laser beam. It is similar to fiber optic cable system but only difference is instead of optical fiber we use lasers here.

 This system consist of two sections one is transmitter section, and the other receiver section, the transmitter which is operated at 9v comprises of a condenser MIC which take the audio signals and this audio signal is coupled along with the laser beams and transmitted into the space, the receiver takes these signals, this laser based receiver is an NPN photo transistor which amplifies the low power low amplitude audio signal by using an common emitter audio frequency amplifier, and feeds into receiver speaker.

This entire summary of the components used and the designing criteria is briefly explained in this paper, our laser based communication had many advantages in economical prospective with low cost, no additional investment for future communication, secure data transmission maintaining privacy, these lasers can transmit data in any medium with high data rate, these lasers are mono chromatic and coherent with narrow beam divergence making this system a highly reliable in modern wireless communication systems, our project is very useful in offices, conference halls.

We had successfully implemented this project and desired results had obtained by using high range lasers our will be the future for satellite communications. 

Download  Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter And Receiver.

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