Location Based Voice Reminder for Planned Journey

Title: Voice Reminder for a planned journey


  • It is an android application which is targeted to all small scaled android devices and a useful application for mobile users.
  • It’s a personal assistant that always knows where you are.
  • It is integration with Google Maps and voice Alert. It is easy to use that will help user remember all important things and using this user can quickly and easily set reminder that will notify when time arrive.
  • This capability allows you to input plan for a journey into your phone and the phone will automatically alert you with your recorded voice whenever you are near the location you have entered in your plan or whenever you are running out of time.

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When to use this application:

  • If user wants to go from Ahmedabad to Vadodara for a meeting, and he wants to make halt at Nadiad to meet his manager and discuss the document to be presented in the meeting.

He also wants to make halt at Anand to take the print outs to be given in the meeting.

Location Based Voice Reminder for Planned Journey

So user will simply enter his plan details as follows: 

  • Name of the plan : Meeting to Vadodara.
  • Source Station : Ahmedabad
  • Destination Station : Vadodara
  • Date of journey: 20/10/2012
  • Expected arrival time to destination: 5: 00 PM
  • Record the voice for reminder
  • Number of halts to be taken : 2

User will also enter details as follows: 

  • Halt Station: Nadiad
  • Expected arrival time : 2.00 PM
  • Expected departure time: 3:00 PM
  • Record voice for reminder
  • Same as above,user will enter the details for anand.
  • User now just needs to tell that he is starting his journey i.e. He needs to ACTIVATE this created plan and after that what application will do  is:
  • Application will alert the user by his recorded voice if user will not reach nadiad at 2:00 PM
  • Application will alert the user by his recorded voice if user will not leave nadiad at 3:00 PM
  • Application will do same for second halt also.
  • Application will trigger the voice recorded by user when user will be about to reach nadiad or anand. So that user will be reminded that he has certain task to do at this location before reaching to destination.
  • User can also later EDIT this plan if any changes occur. For example, now he is informed that he does not need to bring the print outs from anand, so he will simply DELETE that halt.
  • If meeting is canceled, he will simply delete the whole plan and if meeting is postponed then he just needs to change the date.


  • Voice Reminder For a Planned Journey is the application that will help the user to plan the journey to reach on time and to do some work on the way without fail.
  • It provides the functionality to create a plan for a journey.
  • It also provides the functionality to edit or delete the created plan.
  • Other functionality of the application includes recording the voice for reminder.
  • It checks whether the user is running out of the time during the journey.
  • If it is so, then application will give notification by playing the recorded voice.
  • It also provide the functionality of location based voice reminder that is user will be notified when he is about to reach the location as specified in the plan.

Environment Specifications:

Hardware Interface:

Development side: 

  •   Processor :Pentium IV 2.0 and above
  •   RAM : 512 MB or Above
  •   Hard Disk : 40 GB 

User side:

  • Device  : Android OS Devices (API level 8 & above)
  • Display : 320 x 480, 240 x 320 & 480

Software Interface:

  • Development side :
    •  Front End       :  Eclipse Galileo
    • Tool                  :  Android SDK 2.1
    • Back End        :  SQLite Manager
    • External API   :  Google Map API 
  • User side:
  • OS:  Android OS 2.1 & above.

Advantages of this Application:

  • Internet connection is only required that will display the current location of the user on map.
  • This android Application allows users to record voice to be triggered based on time and locations.
  • Simple reminder just alerts you by a ringtone but this application will remind the user by his recorded voice.
  • So if a user is driving a car, he does not need to look at the mobile and see what the notification is.
  • Uses auto complete feature which saves user’s time in typing the entire location.
  • It is a simple and easy to use reminder for all your daily activities or for trips with no hassles no worries.

Disadvantages of this application:

  • Application will be compatible with Android 2.1 or later OS only.
  • Application will support only android mobile devices, Tablet versions is not yet developed or designed.
  • At last but not least, it is obvious that the user will require an internet connection to access application’s functionalities.
  • Application asks for expected arrival and departure time,so user must know the estimated time to reach.

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