Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR MicroController Project Report

Introduction to Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR MicroController Project:

The main objective of this paper is to provide a better solution to minimize the electrical wastage in operating street lights, in this electronic era human became restless and he is not in a position to regulate the manual operations in any field, a rapid advancement in embedded systems had paved path for the virtual mechanisms based on micro controllers, this paper presents an automatic street light controller using light dependent resistor(LDR) which is also known as photo resistor made cadmium sulfide.

These systems operate in accordance with the varying  sun light, whenever there is sufficient light in surroundings this LDR exhibits high resistance and acts as an insulator, while in darkness this LDR behaves as low resistance path and allows the flows of electricity, this LDR’s operates with the help of  IR sensors, these sensors are activated under low illumination conditions and these are controlled by an AT89C51 micro controller, every basic electronic circuit will operate under regulated 5v dc, so need to step down the 230v ac into 12v ac by means of an step down transformer, this 12v ac is to converter into 5v dc by using an bridge rectifier, and this controlled output from the voltage regulator is sent to the operational kit.  

The heart of this circuit is the low power, high performance 8051 micro controller is programmed by embedded assembly programming language for implementing these tasks; this program is stored and operated by means of storage device EPROM, while coming to the functional block i.e. LDR, these LDR’s are in expensive, smaller in size, less complexity, highly reliable, low power applications, minimum risk with greater accuracy.

Our project is successfully implemented in many areas based on the experimental verification proving that it can save the electrical power to greater extent removing the manual work completely; this system became the origin for upcoming advanced intelligent systems in saving both human and electrical power.

Download  Automatic Street Light Control Using LDR MicroController Project Report.

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