ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Torch Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver

In everyday life man share his ideas and intentions by means of Communication hence communication plays major role in human life, the communication can be oral, visual or by audio signals. Starting from face to face interactions man reached to stage up to satellite communication , in recent times with a motive to transfer the information at A very low cost with less human effort laser communications are introduced, these laser communication had an enormous effect on the development of wireless communication systems.

 Instead of using radio frequency signal as in our present day communication systems we use lasers which had high coherence and can carry information through a long distance without being interfered without losing  data,  by using lasers secrecy will be maintained at high standards with high data transfer capability due less interference of signals.

The functional aspects considered in our project consists of the following stages, Primarily voice receiver receives the information to be transmitted and the transmission section will delivers it to the laser torch, this laser transmits the entire data in the form bundle of light beams, the receiver receives these beams and decodes into voice signal.

This receiving section consists of  photo detector and a amplifier circuit which amplifies the given audio signal In our Laser torch-based voice Transmitter and receiver kit we use a Transmitter of these types IC 741 it’s a volume controller, BC 548, BD 139 amplifies electrical signal, , and Condenser Mick (an electrostatic microphone), a Receiver: IC741, IC 386, with 2n5777 Photo Transistor and 0.5w/8ohm Speaker, the component description and their characteristics are briefly discussed below, and these lasers can be operated up to the wave length of 920nm, these lasers has several advantages having unique operation strategies, free operation, economical, high data rate transmission, less material requirement, these can be unique mass communication areas, conference halls, offices where the communication distance is within specified limits.

Download  ECE Mini Project Report on Laser Torch-Based Voice Transmitter and Receiver.

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