Final Year CSE Technical Seminar Report on Wireless Application Protocol

Introduction to Technical Seminar Topic on Wireless Application Protocol:

It is the internet services on the mobile phones, just like the browsing the web page on the desktop. Hyperlinks and buttons are displayed that can be pressed just like an experiencing desktop on the phone. It is the old and standard way to access net on the mobile. it is majorly used by the Nokia, Ericson, Motorola and the many new phones that are launched. We cannot say it is nice as it has lots limitations like bandwidth is less and connection is stable or get disconnected easily. It is very difficult to set internet via WAP for the first time.

Today’s GSM service doesn’t support WAP for the SMS. WAP services are expensive as compared to today’s technology.Of you are using WAP for the first time and you haven’t taken any plan then you will get shock after the first bill. It supports WML and HTML and also TeleVAS.  It has protocol that makes your browsing interactive with different applications.

Wireless session protocol: it is the sandwich layer that provides various links for operating connection. They provide two types of services: to operate connection-oriented service for the WTP and connection less service that is non-secure for WDP.  WTP class 0 is the transaction service that is unreliable and it does not generate any message and once the connection made then it cannot be aborted. WTP class 1: it is the reliable service and it also don’t show any result. WTP class 2: it is reliable and it generates one result or message to the request and response.

WAP security is based on the TLS standard protocols that include the features like data integration and provides privacy on the WAP gateway and store the authentication of the client. 

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