Project Title: Effect of mesh characteristics on the numerical simulation of the flow around a vehicle

Project Description:

This project will investigate the numerical simulation of the airflow around a vehicle, using a Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software package, FLUENT. Of special interest to this project will be the effect of the various meshing possibilities on the aerodynamic results on the vehicle. The vehicle will need to have:

(i) a complex geometry file which can be directly imported into the CFD software
(ii) readily available experimental data for subsequent comparison with numerical results.
Finding such a suitable vehicle will be part of the project.

Accuracy of the results will be analysed for a large number of meshing scenarios with the goal of producing a set of meshing constraints for a reliable simulation. The merits of such numerical simulations will also be assessed.

Product Details:

Resources Required:
FLUENT software package, currently available within the Department