Business Process Simulation Project

Project Title: Business Process Simulation

Project Description:

Industry today encounters a massive challenge in competing in the global economy. The acquisition of enabling technology involves enormous risks in financial terms. Identifying competitive strategies calls for drastic change in managing operations as efficiently as possible. Computer simulation is one tool that provides an effective vehicle for analysing the impact of various strategies before their implementation, thus allowing decision makers to carefully evaluate their options. The project is to apply computer modelling & simulation techniques to an appropriate engineering organisation with the intentions of improving operational efficiency.

Product Details:

The project will involve:
• Establishing a link with a suitable engineering organisation
• Exploring and identifying an appropriate process worthy of a simulation study
• Modelling & mapping of the process line
• Analysis of the simulation results
• Establishing different simulation configuration scenarios for process improvements

Resources Required:

Witness simulation software

Industry based:

A link would need to be established with a suitable engineering organisation that would allow access to their facility and operations. Engineering Organisations that have linkages with the department will be suggested for the student to approach.


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