Simulation of Virtual Aerospace Vehicle Project

An Aerospace vehicle consists of many sub systems like computer, position-finding system etc. An Aerospace vehicle is a highly complex system consisting of various electronics, mechanical, aeronautics subsystems. Aerospace electronics plays a vital role in steering the Aerospace vehicle. All aerospace sub systems are interfaced on various standard communication interfaces like RS-422, 1553, ARINC etc.

All subsystems are checked as a single unit in a test bed consisting of all subsystems interconnected using respective communication interfaces.

The Aerospace vehicle project is mainly aimed at providing the features that do not exist currently. Various input parameters are used in aero space vehicle in Real Time, are given to virtual aero space vehicle in simulation. The entire simulation needs a GUI environment to display aero space events and to invoke routines of input parameters. Other important feature is to see that the entire job of data acquisition needs a real-time Graphical User Environment. The data received is being displayed in GUI to show the various flight events of aerospace vehicle. The entire Virtual Aerospace Vehicle simulation needs an GUI interface which can handle with subsystems (Hardware like sensors, seekers, radars, On Board computers etc) and applications (Software’s like control and guidance algorithms etc).

The programming language used to develop Interfacing Aerospace subsystems of the peripherals is C, Qt programming language on Red hat LINUX platform.


Any long-range aerospace vehicle has a flight time of few seconds to some minutes. These types of vehicles have many subsystems, which work in an integrated manner through various interfaces. The connectivity among subsystems depends on interfaces which can be monitored through GUI (Graphical User Interface).

For serial short distance communication RS-232 (Single Ended) is used. Reliable and long distance point to point communication is achieved using RS-422 interface at different baud rates. 1553 bus communication is used when sub systems have to communicate among themselves under control of master called Bus controller. Linux–QT is used for GUI implementation for Real Time Applications.

A study of 1553 communication with bus controller, remote terminal and bus monitor configurations is carried out.  QT GUI is implemented by plotting data received from 1553 protocol.

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