Product design for the elderly Project

Project Title: Product design for the elderly.

Project Description:

The elderly are becoming a major consumer group. Their life expectancy is increasing, and they represent a considerable economic market. Most of today’s products however are not designed for them, and they are faced with considerable problems buying and using simple things like radios, cash dispensers, or even opening a packet of coffee.

Product Details:

The project will focus on the user group to identify a particular problem. The student will then design a product to answer some of the user’s difficulties and aspirations.
The scope of the project can cover domestic consumer products, or products or equipment which are used by the public. The project can focus on the design of hardware and/or software.

Resources Required:

Digital still and video camera. Modelmaking facilities. 2D and 3D Computer aided design software.
Possibly software to simulate man machine interface designs.
Possibly rapid prototyping facilities.

Industry based:

The student could work with a manufacturer if they establish contact sufficiently early in the project.

Project Title: Product design and obesity.

Project Description:

We have a growing population of overweight people. As product designers we can’t do anything to stop this phenomenon, but we can identify areas where today’s products need to be redesigned to be more suitable.

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