ECE Project Report on Product Counter Display

Introduction to Product Counter Display:                            

The main aim of this project is to display 7 segment digital numbers while power is OFF. In this circuit counter is used for counting purpose. It counts thousands of times. This 7 segment display is mainly used in railway stations, traffic signals, shopping malls, etc. Advantages of this technique are low-power consumption, less cost, and no need of person. In this display only red color is preferred because it has high wavelength, which is visible to long distances.       

                           The hardware requirements for this circuit are 2-ICs (LM311 OP-AMP, CD4033 COUNTER), resistors, LED, LDR, Seven segments display CE C5611, variable resister (47k), and power supply (9v).

                            LM311 is a voltage comparator, which has a input from the ground and the output referred to the ground. It has the input which is thousand times lower than the circuit voltage. So low input and has a temperature range from 0°C to +70°C. It can operate the signals at 5v supply. Resisters are used for only two purposes, for controlling the flow of electric current and providing the desired voltage to the electric circuit. CD4033 counter has 5 stages. It is a Jonson decade counter. It has a advantageous of displaying numbers when power dissipation is low count is important. It has a output decoder, which converts the decode code into seven segment numbers. A variable resistor has 3-terminals, which has a slide for adjustable voltage. If 2-terminals are used, act as rheostat or variable resistor. It is mainly used for directly control the audio signals and significant power. It is also called as potentiometer.

                                 LED is light emitting diode, which is used for light display. In previous years only LEDs were giving only low brightness red color available. But now a day infrared, ultraviolet and visible wavelengths are available with high brightness. This type of LED is used in this circuit. LDRs are photo resistors, which are made up of semiconductors. It is used for increasing the light intensity while decreasing the resistance. It is a extrinsic semiconductor. 7-segment display has 28 LEDs with 7×4 array structure. It is used for displaying the numbers from 3 to 9. All these kind of equipments are used in this circuit. If some modifications to this circuit (may add or remove), it will be used as bugler alarm and count the key presses.

 Download ECE Project Report on Product Counter Display.

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