ECE Project Report on Breath Alcohol Tester

Introduction to Breath Alcohol Tester:

In previous years to detect the alcohol drunk people, we used many methods like chemical reactions, optical interference, infrared absorption, and embedded kit keep in vehicle. But these methods are very expensive, will take more time to react and give result, not easy to handle and maintain and have a short time life period. But we designed a new technology for detecting the alcohol drunk people. These disadvantages are not in this technology.

                          The main aim of this project is to test the individual’s alcohol level in blood by breath exhaled into our system. This is an electronic device. The name of device is “ENSURE”, which is having Alcohol countermeasures to measure alcohol level in blood and also having a numeric touch pad, which is replaced by a key ignition system. To start the car we have to use keys, which is replaced by a pin number to start the car by using this key ignition system. If the person he/she is not drinks the alcohol then the car will start by pressing the start button , which is in the control of  starter of the car. This blood alcohol test will be done by integrating standard voice chips used in our system. But we should replace “LED’s” because in future will control the cost effect.

                         In this breath alcohol tester we used semiconductor sensor, 7805 voltage regulator, LM324 quad op-amps, resisters, buzzer, capacitors and also two PLDs (Programmable logic device). Actually the legal limit for alcohol is “0.1%”, if it is cross the limit the LED is triggered and an over the limit of alcohol. So the person is too drink and to drive.

Different LED’s will also use for testing different alcohols. First PLD is used for displaying number purpose and second PLD issued for checking the state of the machine and 3-number combination is suit for security code if not code will decrease to 2-number.

                         Finally say that by using this blood alcohol test we can find the blood alcohol content and save many people. This system is robust and more reliable.          

  Download ECE Project Report on Breath Alcohol Tester.

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