Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB PPT Presentation

Introduction to Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB PPT Presentation:

Digital image processing is a concept which is widely used all over the world to study the image and the type of operations performed on it.

Image and Its Components

                An image is created with the help of many components but the one we will study here are. The elements which are a part of image are picture elements, image elements, and pixels. Each of the points of an image contains number which indicates the color of the image.

Type Of Computerized Process For Image Processing

                There are three types of computerized process for images and they are as follows.

a.)    Low Level Process

Low level processing performs primitive operations on the image. The input to this process is an image and the output is also an image. The examples of low level image processing are noise removal, and noise sharpening.

b.)    Mid Level Process

Mid – Level processing performs segmentation on image. The input to this process is image and output is attributes. The example of this process is object recognition, and classification and processing.

c.)     High Level Process

This process includes applying sensation to image. Input to this process includes attributes and the output given by this process includes the scene understanding. Examples of high level process are recognition and analysis with the vision of the project.

                Let us now study the type of images.

a.)    Intensity Image

In this type of image the intensity of the image are represented as the values in the data matrix.

b.)    Binary Image

Binary image are the one which are represented in the form of arrays of 0’s and 1’s.

c.)     Indexed Image

Indexed image has the two main components of representation they are data matrix and color map.

d.)    RGB Image

RGB are the images with an array of MxNx3 containing color pixels of color red, blue, and green.

MATLAB for Digital Image Processing

                                Now let us study how MATLAB stand for matrix laboratory. For technical computing MATLAB provides high performance. It also provides easy – to – use environment for computer, visualization, and programming. MATLAB can be typically used for algorithm development, data acquisition, modeling simulation and prototype, math and computation, developing application including graphical interface building. MATLAB provides may function to perform operations on image.

                Function used in MATLAB for image processing.

a.)    imread()

b.)    clc()

c.)     size(f)

d.)    whos f

e.)    writing Images – imwrite(f,’filename’)

f.)     to show information of image iminfo

g.)    display image – imshow()

h.)    conversion of grayscale image to binary – im2bw()

In this way MATLB helps to easily work with images and overcome the technical problems for Matrix Representation.

Download  Digital Image Processing Using MATLAB PPT Presentation.

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