Rain Technology PPT Presentation for CSE Students

Introduction Rain Technology PPT Presentation:

This document gives us in detail information about rain technology. Rain technology here is the concept used in case of computer system and it is used to manage the networks and to make the ease of data transfer between networks. Let us now understand what the rain technology is all about.


                The main features of rain technology are scalability, dynamic re – configuration  and high availability.  Rain architecture provides us features like accepting multiple nodes, switch failures, and linking. Rain architecture also efficiently uses resources made available by network such as multiple data paths, redundant storage, and graceful degradation if faults are present. Rain technology was given to a start – up company whose main aim was to tom improve the availability of thee internet resources

                To run rain technology successfully we need a distributed system which will help us to count the result for working of rain technology in cases of a network of machines. For this purpose we use a 10 machines using Linux operating system and having network interface to stay connected to network. The components which play important role in distributed computing systems are as follows.

a.)    Communication

Communication acts as on of the main component rain architecture because we need to check that how efficiently rain architecture supports the successful data transfer in case of network failure, switch failure. In rain technology we use switches which provide us an efficient protocol which will provide us instant updates of the link failures. It also implements the MPI standard on the rain technology.

b.)    Fault Management

Fault management uses or indicates a protocol which can efficiently handle link failures and node failures.

c.)     Storage

Since the rain technology is concerned with efficient data transfer for internet users. It is also concerned with distributed system for data retrieval. So it decides to use such a efficient scheme which is provides acquires less space and contains less code complexity.

Application using rain architecture is video server, and web server.

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