Introduction to Controlling And Monitoring Of Industrial Parameters Using Camac Electronic Project:


The proposed design is to provide industrial or home automation is useful for monitoring the devices from any distance. The messages are sent from the pc using an Ethernet module. Atmel 89c51 microcontroller is used which monitors  the  end system according to the given message, with the sensed information sent from the sensors. The back end PC systems are connected to visual basic and they are provided input through multichannel ADC.

Circuit design and working:

The circuit unit consists of transmitter unit and receiver unit. The pc is connected to a Ethernet module which works in visual basic and the message is transmitted to the receiver by using a multichannel ADC transceiver. In the receiver unit light, humidity and temperature sensors are connected. The ULN drives are used for giving the signal to the relays there which drives the relays to put on and off. The clock speed of 89c51 is  will gill fast response compared to that of normal microcontroller and has a 8kbof flash which is sufficient for this design. The keil software is very advantageous in programming flash memories. It provides an interface for connecting end systems through visual basic. The multichannel ADC converts the sensed information from sensors and sends to the transmitter unit.

Applications and future scope:

Applications and future scope these type of automation system can used in homes, industries etc. By using this automation design, we can reduce the usage of man power, and the damage of devices can also be reduces. 

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