CSE Seminar Topic 2012 on The Guidcane With Project Report

Introduction to  The Guidcane Seminar Topic:

Introduction to guide cane:

The main objective of this project is to provide safety for blind people from obstacles. This device ensures safety for the blind while walking. The device is to be carried by blind and when the device senses any obstacle it gives the message through voice processor and accordingly he can move. The entire device is mounted at end of the cane on a wheel which gives the direction from the obstacles.

Circuit design and working:

The ultrasonic waves are transmitted into free space and when these touch the obstacle its gets reflected. The reflected waves are receives by the ultrasonic receiver and generates a algorithm for detection of path. The demodulator is used to process the signal and it gives the processed signal to encoder. From the decoded signal it changes the direction of wheel away from the obstacle. The entire circuit is provided with an rechargeable battery source. The advantage of employing ultrasonic sensors is that we can get immediate detection of obstacle. The device is provided with obstacle sensors to eliminate the errors occurring. But in fast moving conditions errors may occur in algorithms for detection of obstacle.


The device is very helpful for the blind people to go in a exact path without the help of others. Instead of using ultrasonic signals we can also use laser detectors signals detecting obstacles. The signal response for after the detection of obstacle is delayed by 0.2 seconds which is to be overcome. We can even design robot which detects the obstacle and gives the direction through voice processor.

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