ECE Project Idea on Controlling and Monitoring Of Industrial Parameters Using CAMAC

Introduction to Controlling and Monitoring Of Industrial Parameters Using CAMAC:

Generally atmospheric quotients are not controlled by anyone because they are not in our hand. But industrial instruments and parameters can be controlling and monitoring, because it is in our hand. The main aim of this project is controlling and monitoring the industrial parameters using “CAMAC” (computer automated measurement and control). It allows a person to monitor the parameters and control the industrial level via the system.

The parameters are temperature, pressure, and voltages are monitored by real time monolithic sensor, which is operated by us. These parameters are measured by corresponding sensors. By controlling the machines, they will work much long time and no damage and no repair will not occur.

The hardware requirements are Micro controller  ADC unit& PC, Power supply unit, Relay, Proximity sensor, and Buzzer. And software requirements are Embedded C and KEIL software. This “CAMAC” utilizes visual basic (VB) as back-end with the help of based hardware interface and embedded system is used as front-end. Embedded is used because it is more reliable, easy to use, and perform a specific task perfectly because it a combination of both software and hardware. Embedded C is same as C-language but somewhat different.

The output of the sensor is given to multi-channel analog to digital converter (ADC). It is multi selection of data so required data only given as input once. The o/p of ADC is 8-bit binary data. This data is read by micro controller and displays in LCD display. And read the respective data from parallel port, which is designed by keil software for further communication with VB. The parameters are controlled by the relay.

If pressure and temperature are increased then which are controlled by PC back-end of the VB. LAN ON and OFF controls the voltage of the machine so it will become cool. Whenever the safe ranges will return then micro controller comes to its normal state. This project is applicable for industries and high speed sensitive operations.

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