E-Learning MS Final Year Project Thesis Organization

Thesis Organization:

 Introduction to this E-Learning project is given in this chapter and the detailed explanation to the next chapters of this Final Year Project is given below.
Chapter 2: Literature Review 
Critical analysis of the e-Learning methods and techniques is done in this chapter with reference to the previous work done across this area and introduction to the Moodle software is also given 
Chapter 3: Design 
Detailed explanation to the design procedure followed to create the website is given in this chapter. All the features added to the website and the corresponding design aspects used are explained in detail across this chapter.
 Chapter 4: Implementation 
The actual procedure followed to create the website and the necessary technical operations done are explained in this chapter. Moodle installation procedure and customization procedure are also covered in this chapter 
Chapter 5: Results explanation 
All the results achieved while executing the website created are explained in this chapter with reference to the screenshots and the corresponding explanation to the results 
Chapter 6: Conclusion 
Conclusion to the complete work done and the corresponding observations are made in this chapter. 
Chapter 7: Future work 
Possible future work that can be done apart from the work done in this project to improve the quality of the work is explained in this chapter. 

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