B.Tech Computer Science Seminar Topic on Wireless Intelligent Network

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Wireless Intelligent Network:

It is also a wireless network known as WIN. A telecom industry TIA known for standard committee TR 45.2 developed this network. This in intelligent network this means that it uses interfaces of standard quality and are vendor independence. It allows using new services rapidly and can modify existing services also. Customers can choose their own services to according to their requirement.

Services: WIN was used in the 1980s by the wireless industry. WIN provides billing process; call routing, custom call which includes call tracing, incoming call management and outgoing call management. It uses voice recognition techniques and ASR systems. By this we can speak and dial to anyone without using keyboard. We can also PIN number to call anyone or to call any VCFC number. We can also put restriction to the user until he didn’t get verified by his voice. This require subscriber to be registered. When we call the subscriber our identity or name is displayed to that user. You can put password to the incoming call till it he don’t put right password he can’t call you. We can send short text to the users.

Peripherals: it uses SSP for switching function. SCP is used for delivering the service to the users. IP collects information from the user and then translates it and then send to other parts of the networks. STP is used for managing the signaling devices that send signal between the operators. This network uses location registers that keep tracking the motion of the users.

This network is nice as they provide less time for connection and delivery to the services. Less costly and new services are always ready to be deployed. Network is flexible so it cannot be fraud ads they track each and every thing on the network.

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