B.tech CSE Final Year Seminar Topic on Windows DNA

Introduction to  Seminar Topic on Windows DNA:

It is the internet application by windows. It is just the image or replica of the windows that allows vendors to develop new business application and other programs that suits best for the windows. They can design anything according to the environment. It is first application that can be integrated the clients using internet. Using DNA model we can develop our own product that can be send to anyone on the network.

This gives companies advantage to add new features to their applications. It helps the organization to develop programs for the clients at low price and use the resources properly and try to reduce the amount of developers. 

Components: it has HTML pages and server pages that are active. Computer components, their services and important directory services are also there. Services related to the security features are added. Its systems messages are stores and components related to the data access.

Windows provide the other companies to connect with ODBC and allow their application to connect and store their data in to the data base. it supports almost all the data bases. You can use any programming language interface to have your data base. You need to have all the drivers related to the data base for connecting data base to the windows. Microsoft provides OLE DB that allows various developers to implement programming techniques to databases.

Today COM is used in the across 200 million computers and it show 655 growth every year and it will grow about $3 billion by 2001. There are lots of applications that work on COM and used in the most of the industries. It have many tools available in the market and enables programmer to create application for the next generation. It is used in whole part of the world.

Download  B.tech CSE Final Year Seminar Topic on Windows DNA.

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