Autonomic Computing Seminar Report

Introduction to Autonomic Computing Seminar Topic:

Autonomic computing is a method to manage knowledge in an autonomic computing system in which required knowledge is loaded from a source to an autonomic manager. The knowledge that loaded into the system includes rules, protocols and policies for autonomic manager to follow in performing a monitor, analyze, plan and execute in order to find a solution of today’s increase in complexity  in computer science.

India market already has the system with good autonomic capabilities .In the coming days the autonomic systems are going to be widely accepted by the people. The days of highly simplified network management and rapid systems development in which the self healing, self configuring and self tuning are going to be the characteristics of computing systems.

IBM has developed its self –managing IT infrastructure fame popularly known as IBM autonomic computing initiative. Several other companies as Sun micro systems and Hewlett Packard    also developed same type of systems as IBM.

The self-healing autonomic computing has four functional characteristics

  1. self-configuring
  2. self-healing
  3. self-optimizing
  4. self-protection
  5.  The system can autonomic ally gets adapted to environment. The adaption may be either internal or external

Autonomic computing applications and benefits are

  • Simplified user experience through a more responsive real time system.
  • Cost saving.
  • Full use of idle processing power.
  • Natural languages allow more deeper and accurate returns.
  • Achieves end to end service level management and many more

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