Seminar Topic on Autonomic Computing

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Autonomic Computing:

In today’s world trillions of humans depend upon devices. For this we have to require the services of IT keep running and it is not the matter of the number.The way they work together and the complexity of these systems creating a shortage of skilled IT workers to manage all of the systems.

This problem will going to be grow exponentially, this will not going to be away just depending on the technology. For this the solution is automaton or to create a new technology in which the important computationoperation can be done without the need of human intervention.

They must be capable of regulating themselves in the same way as the nervous system in human body which regulate and protects our bodies. By implementing this technology there are many benefits of it like there is no need of the human dependence to maintain complex system accompanied by a substantial decrease in costs and it is more responsive to the simplifies users. 

According to IBM 8 characteristics of autonomic computing are: – There are various characteristic of autonomic computer, these systems are autonomous in nature so they know about themselves. It should be expert in self-protection. It must know its environment and the context surrounding its activity, and act accordingly.

These hides the data are need to be optimized and therefore are safe from outer world. Some components of this technology are already up and running but complete systems do not exist yet. To make this dream we have to work much on this technology.

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