CSE Seminar Report on Cluster Computing

Introduction to CSE Seminar Topic on Cluster Computing:

Today the use of computer is growing day by day at a very high rate. For this it has became necessary to improve the speed of the hardware of computer such as processor which is the heart of computer. And this can be done to computing more than one process simultaneously that type of processor is called multicore. Cluster is a collection of all the computers that are inter- connected with other and can work together. They are more reliable and used for improving the speed of computer this result in improvement in the application software speed.

Classification of the clusters: – These are classified in various types they are:-

High availability clusters: – They are used for the primarily purpose that improves the speed of the computer and the services of the component that are failed due to some reason. This type of cluster is used to remove this type of failure.

Load balancing cluster: – It manages the load of the computer such as if all workload of the computer is came on one thing than it manages the load and re-distribute it in a proper way.

High performance cluster: – It increases the speed of processor by distributing the computational task to different nodes. Its most common example is Linux. This type of cluster generally runs random application.

Grid cluster: – It connects the collection of that computer that does not trust each other and use them like a single computer.

Dedicated cluster: – It is a type of cluster in which a workstation is not owned by anyone but it share resource so that parallel computing can be done.

Non dedicated cluster: – It is a type of cluster in which an individual owned a workstation so that a fast response can be taken out from the workstation compare to remote workstation. 

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