Mobile Computing Seminar Report

Introduction to Mobile Computing Seminar Topic:

We cannot imagine a world without computers or mobile phones especially the latter. Mobile phones are integrated in to our day to day lives as much as watches are. Nowadays we can use internet too to make long distant calls and this is called internet telephony.

This topic discusses various changes and advancement in the field of mobile technology, its limitations and future architectures and services like PAN and collaborative services. This topic also deals with vocal communication, SIM details, SMS, WAP, intelligent network etc.

Mobile computing involves:

  • Mobile communication
  • Mobile hardware
  • Mobile software

When we throw the light on current mobile architecture the first thing that comes up is the voice communication which is the basic and primary objective of a mobile phone. Next up are the supplementary services such as forwarding the call, barring the call, sending the call to voice mail etc.

We can also enable or disable various things in the sim card such as moving or deleting contacts. There is hardly anyone who does not send a SMS; it is the basic text sending feature of a mobile phone. We can browse internet through WAP services and download applications to mobile made in Java or Symbian. In the case of advanced architecture, the splitting of logic and service content is extremely important, mobile services would be mostly multi-domain and there would also be Personal area networks for communicating between various devices. There are many types of network bandwidths such as low, variable or high bandwidth with corresponding latency.

There would be also heterogeneous networks which would be wireless networks. Another main feature of mobile computing is the seamless connectivity that it produces across many overlays. Low latency handoffs are implemented effectively leaving the system to be more authentic and secure. Nowadays there are many portable computing devices such as laptops, tablets, palmtops etc. Mobile computing also ensures the quality of connectivity among various bandwidths. 

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