Seminar Topic on Autonomic Computing with Full Seminar Report

Introduction to Seminar Topic on Autonomic Computing:

The present article is the seminar report on the concept called the automatic computing which deals with the sub topics like the Operating system and the Middleware. These are specially the reusable components that are present in the compressed systems. This technology is growing to the great stage of development in the whole world so the name suggested to it as the embedded computers. The embedded computers are also similar to the personal computers. This system has the topics like the data abstraction and the reusable components. This memory is stored in the cache memory called as the Random Access Memory or the Random Output Memory. These are the memory which stores the data temporary.

There are some related features of the automatic computing like the Problem Domain where many problems are shared within the domain and solved with the help of many users at a time, feature model, feature description, feature value and the feature relations are the other features that accomplish the part of the developed automatic computing system.

Along with the operating system and the embedded system the source code language like the CONSUL or the AspectC++ have given great process paths to the classes and the libraries and the applications which are meant for development. The genuine operating system consists of total 220 features along with the 57 components and the 350 classes. Each this was developed by making the use of this source code languages and operating systems.

However each and every software is developed using the CONSUL computing language. The tools of the existing are under the update mode for the development of new version of the automatic computing device. More and more evaluation of the applications is developed by the developers in this generation.  So in the upcoming future the device will have a great increment in the development stage and also in the progress paths.

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