Surface Computing Technology Seminar Report

Introduction to Surface Computing Technology Seminar Topic:

The concept called the surface computing is a stage where it replies the natural handmade objects and also the real world objects too. This device is about 360 degree user interface product and have about 30 inch of the screen surface too. This system used the infrared rays for the camera and a single finger touch for the surface screen. As this device is very expensive only rich people can afford to take this device like businessman etc… actually it is the latest way to communicate with the computers. This system also has an attractive keyboard and also a mouse.

The key attributes of the surface computing is Direct Interaction which are usually used to gather and store the user information in just a single touch only. Multi touch contact which allows touching many fingers touch at a time and not only the one finger.  Multi user experience which connects many people at one time to share files, documents etc… Object recognition here the user can place any object on the point of the trigger of the device, there are also various devices responding to the transmission of the digital contents.

The hardware used to develop this device is firstly the screen which a rectangle shaped touch screen for the display of the outputs, it is also a multi touch supportable screen, Infrared rays for transfer of the data, the central processing unit called the main part of the device which acts as the brain of the system, Projector to display the results to all the people present during the experiment.

The features of the surface computing are Multi Touch display which enables the several touches at a time that is served by the Microsoft Surfaces. It allows many touches at the same time and not only single touch like the other devices. It also allows the sensor devices of the objects too. 

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