Project Title                : Automatic College Bell using RTC ECE Project

Project Description:  The main aim of this Automatic College Bell using RTC ECE Project is to design an automatic college bell system for colleges and schools.

            This project has done in the period of 3 months for my final year project submission in my college. This electronics project going to automatically ringing the bell at a correct time replacing manual switching including RTC. This circuit has a built-in Real Time Clock which tracks over the real time. When this time is equal to that of bell ringing time, the relay for the bell is switched on. This bell ringing time can be edited to any time so that it can be used at normal class timings as well as exam timings. The main advantage of this project is to reduce the human resources in colleges and schools, providing punctuality to all students and management.

Developer Roles & Responsibilities:                                                                           

Involved in Preparing project documentation, seminar topic.

Download Automatic College Bell using RTC ECE Project