Automatic College BELL Electrical Student Project

This Automatic College BELL Electrical Student Project takes over the task of Ringing of the Bell in Colleges and replaces the Manual Switching of the Bell in the College. When time equals to the Bell Ringing time then the Relay for the Bell is switched on for a predetermined time and we can edit The Bell Ringing time any Time so it can be used at Normal Class Timings and even at Exam Times.

Everyone knows importance of time and everything should be done in time and accurately so we are here with this project. There are many types of digital clocks in the market readily available with bells but rings only at particular time. It is used in the college and school, during examinations, automatic scheduling, and time editable

The Real Time Clock is displayed on LCD display. The Microcontroller AT89S52 helps to control all the Functions to get the time by the keypad that stores in its Memory.

A 220V A.C. power supply is provided to the Step-Down Transformer that converts 220V A.C. into 12V A.C. and this 12V A.C. is converted into 12V D.C. by Full Wave Rectifier that consists of 2 Diodes & 2 Condensers.

The two different voltage levels are needed for this circuit, one is 12V D.C. to operate relay switch and second is 5V D.C. supply to operate microcontroller AT89S8252. Atmel AT89S8252 microcontroller controls timings of the ringing and 12MHz Crystal will provide the reference time to the microcontroller.


Everyone knows about the importance of time and time does not wait for anyone. Everything must be done in time and accurately. Nowadays, school and college bells are operated manually and hence there is a necessity of accuracy, manpower and money. So we must use automatic control system that saves manpower, money and highest accuracy so we are here with this project.

Download Automatic College BELL Electrical and Electronics Engineering EEE Final Year Student Summer Project Report.

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