A Project on Automatic Lubrication System


When lubrication is done on need base and automatically is said to automatic lubrication system. Automatic lubrication is a new concept which Aim’s to improve lubrication process. It is a new step ahead for complete automation of machine tool in industries.


  • In the world, fast growing economy, where mass production is trend machine work for 20-22 hrs human maintenance activity is proved to be very time to consume and insufficient.
  • The quantity lubricant is very difficult to guess for the operator.
  • Improve lubricating and reduce the time required.
  • Insufficient or excessively oiling leads major breakdown reason
  • To eliminate the money spent on maintenance or lubricating personnel.

Construction and Working

The Automatic Lubrication system consists of a sensor, actuator, solenoid valve, battery, reservoir, connecting pipes and the mechanism to be lubricated.

Any rotating or sliding member subjected to friction and wear. This Automatic Lubrication system aims to reduce the friction automatically. A sensor which is capable to sense presence of the lubricant  in the rotating or sliding member is placed close to do so it gives to signal to operate or not, according to the need. Lubricant flow from a reservoir filled with lubricating oil.It aims to keep the optimum quantity of oil in the system.


  • No need of human interferences just has to maintain the level of the reservoir.
  • An adequate amount of lubricating oil is supplied hence no chances of excess oiling or insufficient.
  • Reduces the time required to oiling than manual.
  • Increase the quality of performance of the machine and increase the life of the machine.


  • Can be used all types of machines like lathe, milling, drilling, slotting etc.
  • Can be used heavy and fast acting construction types of machinery
  • Can be used in racing cycle.


This is industrial based Automatic Lubrication application project can be of very effectively to improve the performance of a machine.It can indirectly help the society.

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