Time Tracker Asp.Net Project Source Code

Time tracker project is an intranet application which is implemented in asp.net platform. 

This project is useful for organizations to maintain records of each project member spent on a different project.

Time management is an important factor for any organization so this application will provide a solution to analyze time spent by every employee on the project.

Using this application project manager can analyze the efficiency of the employee while taking into new project.

Pages are created using ASP.Net for presentation. C# is the programming language used in this project, SQL server.

Here we provide entire project source code and step by step execution procedure.

Time tracker asp.net project source code and project abstract.

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  1. Hi,

    I’ve downloaded time tracker asp.net project source code,in that ASPNET.StarterKit.BusinessLogicLayer dll/reference is missing. Because of this I got an error and can’t able to build the solution successfully. Could you please help on this to solve the issue.

    Advance thanks from

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