Augmented Reality Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Augmented Reality Seminar Topic:

Most of us love playing video games; it often brings out the child inside from all of us. Over the generations video games have evolved from time to time. If it started with big kiosk type machines which consumed a lot of space and now we have small portable PlayStation from Sony which we can carry anywhere or everywhere we want. Still the consumers are not satisfied as most gaming contents offer only 2-D or 3-D perspective and lacks a real feel to it.

We have currently wireless sticks which we can connect to the gaming consoles in the market which is somewhat close to reality as we can play games like golf and tennis by using this stick as rackets or clubs. The search of a real gaming experience went on and that gave birth to an unique concept called augmented reality or AR.

AR provides a real time world environment and allows the viewers to interact with game live. This happens with the help of various augmented factors such as audio, visual, computer graphics and even global positioning input. Augmented reality synchronizes the environment with the graphical structure to provide an ultimate virtual reality gaming experience. A user has to wear special type of glasses to absorb this technology and as more research is done on this topic in the coming years, we can expect even better results happening

Some of the areas we can use Augmented Reality:

  • Video gaming consoles and mobile gaming
  • Virtual keyboard
  • Head mounted displays
  • Virtual retina displays
  • Location tracking and mapping
  • Sports telecasting
  • Automobile engineering
  • Information technology
  • Medical instruments
  • Projectors

AR technology mainly works with the help of the sensors and is also a stretched virtual reality technology. The users will be able to experience a real experience while using this technology, for e.g. if we are watching a live telecast of a game, AR will give us the same ambiance of sitting inside that stadium. AR is certainly one technology to look for the future. 

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