Aeronautical Communication Seminar Abstract

Introduction to Aeronautical Communication Seminar Topic:

A lot of effort and time will go to design an aircraft cabin, from seating positions to entertainment consoles, pantry storage and the crew positioning everything is done with precise detail. The main sources of inspiration in these designs are done by keeping the interest of the travelers in mind.

The airline companies go through a lot of research to enhance the quality of service provided to the consumer as the competition is getting tougher by the day. The air travel of today is affordable but at the same time enjoyable, especially in long distance flights the quality of the service provided by the airline companies are excellent.

The only drawback in the glitzy world of airplanes is that we cannot access internet technology as it will hinder the air traffic control communication system. So there is a specific need of using other mediums of communication inside the cabin particularly the wireless medium.

Wireless medium is pretty powerful as there is no need of any wired architecture for communication, mainly 3 times of wireless standard architecture are used in the cabin namely UMTS or universal mobile telecommunication system with UTRAN air interface, Wireless LAN with specific IEEE standard and finally Bluetooth technology. 

There is various wireless access segments used to make this wireless cabin architecture which also include a standard IP LAN which is wired. Satellite segment acts as a hub between terrestrial telecom networks and the airplane cabin. Service integrator connects the cabin services effectively leading to smooth service transportation. The service integrator builds up a good rapport with the satellite segment leading to an increase in QoS. Aircom service provider segment helps to establish a connection between various data networks at an un symmetrical rate of data. 

The service integrator help the service to be transported being bundled. The wireless cabin communication system has to be dimensional well by various techniques such as multi-service model, traffic determination, proper mapping of traffic etc.

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