Workforce planning and recruitment in superstores: A case study with Tesco superstore London

In general workforce planning can be considered as the process of estimating the organizational needs in future towards employees in terms of number, skills and locations. Any organization will maintain a perfect workforce plan and they follow the plan accordingly to fulfill their human resource needs and this workforce plan development involves many steps.

The main aim of this project is to evaluate all the important steps involved and the process implemented in developing a workforce plan and also evaluates the impact of workforce plan on the core organization business objectives across every growing superstore like Tesco in London. Tesco is a very successful superstore across the world and they are opening the stores throughout the country and they recruit the people on large scale at frequent rates and thus they should implement and follow a perfect workforce plan.

In this research the workforce plan implemented by Tesco and its impact on the business objectives is evaluated by doing a qualitative research and interviews will be conducted with store heads and HR managers the required primary source of information and a detailed analysis of the research will be done.

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