Enterprise Resource Planning Management

Enterprise Resource Planning Management Projects main idea is to develop a application which can help organizations to manage administration data with employ recruitment and personal information of employees.


Keeping in view of growth that has been envisaged, it may not be practical and economical to continue with the current system. To facilitate a more efficient Recruitment System and to increase the responsiveness, it is necessary to have better Recruitment System integrated with the enterprises Information System.

System Objectives:    

 To  automate selection process. To  facilitate high graphical user interface to the user. To provide better functioning and accurate information in time. To provide data maintenance features.  To improve the efficiency and to reduce the overload of work.


No proper dynamic search method is available to immediately access a particular record. Fast retrieval of required data is not possible thus causing delay and unnecessary search of the entire list.

FoxPro under Novel NetWare version is not a graphical user interface based application. User interaction with the system is minimized because of the DOS environment, unlike the windows environment where the user interaction with the system is high.

Handling of large databases effectively is not possible with the above software.


The efficiency of any system designed to suit an organization depends cooperation during the implementation stage and also flexibility of the system to adopt itself to the organization. ERPM  is well suited  when organization  want to recruit people in their organization.

download  Enterprise Resource Planning Management Project.

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