Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission

In Electrodynamics Project on Induction Based Wireless Power Transmission Project we presented a new revolutionary concept of power transfer based on wireless technology, in this we transmit power from one place to other by means of micro waves rather than transmission lines.

Electrodynamics Project

Project Over view:

This is an era of wireless communications revolution we implemented the next generation power transmission system which is also known as micro wave power transmission system or wireless power transmission system, this concept had raised with intent to reduce the losses in transmission and distribution of electricity.

Here in this particular project we transmit energy from one circuit to other by an electromagnetic coupling known as electromagnetic induction. The electromagnetic induction principle states that the change in magnetic field in the primary coil can induce current in the secondary coil, with this method we can transmit or receive energy up to certain distances, Transformer, electrical brush are the examples for the inductive coupling.

The various wireless technologies like inductive coupling and air ionization techniques with comparison of modern laser based power transmission techniques.

Electrodynamics Project System Advantages:

The systems are advantageous because these are comfortable, less risk, shock proof, more environmental friendly, and these are operated at 1 MHz which is a safe limit for humans. But these are transmitted over consisted distances so for far field transfer we implement laser techniques that are discussed in later sections.

As far as applications these systems can be applicable in consumer electronic devices, industrial, robotic applications, direct power transmission for underground systems, power supply for industrial transportation, automatic wireless charging commercial electrical vehicles, security and safety applications.

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