Robotic Arm Control Project

In Robotic Arm Control Project we presented a unique concept on robotics, this paper dealt with the use of arm control by robotics in modern day robotics. The robotic arm robotic manipulator is a programmable and also re-programmable multi function manipulator used to move the objects, small and medium size materials, various industrial devices as human hand through programmed motions to perform specific tasks.

Robotic Arm Control Introduction:

This robot joint arm is designed to move its end effectors from one position to other, these movements includes the rotational movements, radial, vertical movements.

So in order to perform these actions these robots are to be guided by an external device hence we control the each joint by interfacing them to the computer devices.

In our project we use two servo motors for precision positioning, and a dc motor for rotational movements. These dc motor are equipped with servo mechanism for precise control and angular movements, the servo motor consists of an dc motor, gear system, and a position sensor mainly potentiometer with controlled electronics. As far as the programming we built a serial communication interface between the computer and the micro controller, and we able to perform the detail study on the interfaces between the robotic arm and the controlling device.

Download Robotic Arm Control Project Report

Here in this project we presented a sample robot which is controlled by a low power and high performance micro controller and it can rotate, lower and raises its arm, magnetizes the other object.

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