Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking

Description: The research paper Wireless Communication and Wireless Networking talks about Wireless Communication and Wireless Network. The research paper talks about the basic frame work to realize this. Wireless communication basically deals with a situation wherein there is no requirement of wires. It is an operation undertaken without a hardwired network.

Wireless communication is increasing in an astronomical way. People cannot let them be away from information access wherever they might be. They may be enjoying a vacation or flying and the information has to reach them somehow come what may. Here in comes into existence the great use of wireless networking. The research paper quotes the example of a laptop and the wireless communication methods it offers. In a global application based/oriented world wireless communication plays a great role.

The third generation of wireless modem [then] aimed at compatibility with the    existing LANs with data rates on the order of Mbit/s. Several companies [developed] the third   generation products with data rates above 1 Mbit/s and a couple of products [had] already been     announced [by the time of the first IEEE Workshop on Wireless LANs].”

The common wireless equipment that is used today:

1.      Cell phones, pagers, laptops, cordless telephone sets etc.

One type of wireless network is a WLAN or Wireless Local Area Network which is the linking of two or more computers without using wires. Similar to other wireless devices, it uses radio instead of wires to transmit data back and forth between computers on the same network.                Wireless LANs function like cell phone systems. Each access point is a base station   that transmits over a radius of some distance. Users can roam between access points without dropping the connection.

Conclusion: The research paper concludes on a note suggesting that the popularity of LAN and WAN is a testament enough that vouches for the popularity of wireless networks. Wireless network will surely someday replace the hardwired networks thus facilitating speed, ease and access.

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