WIMAX-The Revolution in Wireless Communication Seminar

WiMax is defined like Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access and is the seamless broadband electronic that assists point to multi-point (PMP) broadband seamless entry. The Broadband or broadband Internet is the essential like interstate highways, waterways, and railroads of old arena. The broadband connections should give over industries which has physical ways for constructing and implies cable and telcos operators.

The electronic is known as WiMAX depending on IEEE 802.16 standard to give broadband and enhance the character of life. It is the lengthy distance which has rigid seamless method with the development of broadband.

 Potential uses of wimax is because of the productive bandwidth are to give the high-speed cell information and telecommunications assistances (4G), to give the different means of Internet connectivity like the portion of the organization constant design.

Several industries are completely reviewing WiMAX for communication at great information costs. It can result under less costing for house and users like the rival lowers rates. This length gives for non-line of permission under less intensity bands such as 2 – 11 GHz. Rigid seamless is the foundation idea for the metropolitan area networking (MAN) under 802.16 standard. These foundations make use of media access control (MAC) layer and give downlink bandwidth to users like the single requirements. It is mainly based on the real-time requirement basis. The supporters are aiming on broadband under unwired fields for WiFi hotspots.


The WIMAX-The Revolution in Wireless Communication Seminar would give the powerful orientation of WiMAX technology, its architecture, scope of wimax technology, disputes and benefits for the user connectivity and impact, and Deployment status.

Download WIMAX-The Revolution in Next Broadband Wireless Communication ECE Final Year Seminar Topic.

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